Back To Stair One

Even after 10 years of blogging, I find that I still have a lot to learn.

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Cheers to Ten Years!

Wow. 10 years. TEN. YEARS. That’s how long I’ve been blogging!

I’m still amazed at how the years have gone by. A lot has changed since my very first post, all those years ago.

Well for one thing, the blog theme that you see right before you isn’t the one that I started out with back in 2005. And oh, I should really bring this out first; I didn’t start blogging in WordPress. I started out using the blogs feature offered by Friendster. Remember Friendster? Haha. “Hashtag Generation Gap” right there.

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Memoirs of a Washout Writer

Squinting his eyes to better see in the light of a pale gibbous moon, he hurriedly takes out the short pencil hidden in his shirt pocket, and proceeds to write on the little scraps of paper he was able to salvage from the trash. Everything that he writes, and all of his thoughts and emotions, will be carefully placed inside a little time capsule.

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The Next Best Thing

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wondered whether or not I should go and 1) register a unique domain for my blog, or 2) create a Facebook page. My reasons for doing any of the two would range from the simplistic (It would be really, really cool) to the strategic (I would be able to get more views). Or, it was probably because for the longest time, I wanted to reach an audience. Continue reading