ONE-LINE MOVIE REVIEW: The Peanuts Movie [2015]

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Next Page, Please

When you read a book, you usually don’t linger too long on one chapter, no matter how beautiful you think it is, or how wonderful it makes you feel. You move on to the next one, because you want to know what happens next. And you don’t dwell too long on a single chapter, just because you can’t get over the sorrowful turn of events. You may find yourself going through past pages, reliving what has already transpired, but you don’t ever stay stuck on one page. No, you simply must move on to the next one; you have to know what happens next. You have to know how it ends.

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When Quitters Win

It is never quite an easy task, quitting something you’ve grown accustomed to. The road that leads to your decision to quit is bound to be filled with excuses and compromises, long-winded negotiations and half-baked convictions. That particular routine that you want to quit started out as a playful trial run, which then slowly blossomed into an addicting habit. And now it has come to a point when you know that it’s bad for you, but you continue to do it anyway.

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The Onion Philosophy

As you get older, there’s always that slight chance that you get more sentimental. The pictures on the table speak of a thousand tales, of happy memories from a not so distant long ago. Little knick-knacks become more than just souvenirs; they’re like Horcruxes, bearing the soul of the one who once held them. As you hold one of the pieces in your hands, it’s as if a home movie plays in your brain, and you find yourself smiling at the sudden rush of nostalgia.

Unfortunately, where there is good, there will also be bad. Sad, painful memories that silently slice your heart. And probably even worse, those beautiful memories that leave you in a state of motionless delusion, forever longing for something which will probably never happen again. With each slice, your eyes, and most of the time your heart, can’t help but shed tears.

Good thing there’s The Onion Philosophy.

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Starting Over

Possibly one of the worst feelings ever in your life happened in the aftermath of a great loss. With your mind scrambling to connect all the events that have led to that incident, all you can really say at that particular moment is “What the hell just happened?” If you’re someone who’s generally generous with expletives, go ahead and substitute some other word for “hell”.

I’ve probably replayed the day’s events more than a dozen times already, but I still can’t figure out how things ended up like this. As far as I could tell, it was unthinkable that this would happen. That is probably where I messed up. I had been comforted with the idea that things have been going smoothly for the longest time, that I let my guard down. I was caught up in the belief that there was no way things could go wrong. Unfortunately, life always finds a way to catch up with you. And just for the sake of teaching you a valuable lesson, life will decide to shake things up a bit.

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