The Search for John Castle

As you go about your everyday life, you will meet a handful of strangers. Some of them you’ll get to know better. Some others, will remain strangers that you’ll probably never see again. And then there are those few select individuals, all strangers just the same, yet they will have an impact on you that will never go away. Years will go by, and you’ll find yourselves talking about them and the good old days, as if it was only yesterday. One such character was John Castle.

John Castle was a figure from our High School days, and if there’s anything that can be said about him, it was that he was an enigma. We didn’t know anything much about him. Truth be told, I could no longer remember what he looked like, or what his voice sounded like when he spoked. But ask anyone, and their heads would nod in recognition at the mention of his name. He was sort of a celebrity during our time, and he was quite popular with the students, especially during the end of a school day. While others hurried home, some of us would go to John’s stall and wait for our orders. Like peasants waiting for bounty outside the King’s castle, we waited there patiently, for we were about to enjoy a delicious hamburger.

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Ballad Days: The Ballad of Ishimaru Masato

Stanza One
So It Begins.


It almost seemed as if he’d been sitting here at the library for all eternity. Not that he’d even feel it. Ishimaru Masato was too preoccupied reading the latest adventure of his favorite detective on the net. He stretched his legs and looked around. What time is it, he asked himself. Looking around, he slowly realized that those who came after him had already left, or were being called to leave. That’s weird. He glanced towards his back, only to recognize a face he couldn’t just forget. It was her once again. She wasn’t looking at him, but he saw that she was smiling.

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The Waiver Dilemma


(plural waiv·ers)

1.  relinquishment of right: a voluntary giving up of a right or claim
2.  document containing waiver: a document or formal statement relinquishing a right or claim, or an action indicating an intention to waive something
3. SPORTS act of giving up claim on player: the act of a sports team in giving up the right to claim a professional ball player who has been removed from another team’s roster

Microsoft® Encarta® Reference Library 2004. © 1993-2003 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

The summer before the start of the graduating year, all incoming 5th year students are expected to complete a minimum of 200 hours of “comprehensive training within the confines of a reputable and well known establishment whose functions are within the scope of..” and so on and so forth. Now I don’t have anything against this, or I would have placed the definition of such words like “comprehensive” or “reputable” on the top of this article. Instead, I included a copy of the Encarta definition for the word waiver.

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Kilala mo ba si Talmage Evans?

Habang hinihintay naming matapos ang pagtitipon ng mga guro na nagaganap sa ikatlong palapag ng paaralan, nilibang muna namin ang aming sarili sa pagkuwento ng kahit ano. Sa aming pag-uusap, biglang lumabas ang tanong na ito: “Kilala mo ba si Talmage Evans?”

Ang salitang Talmage ay nanggaling sa salitang ruso na tolmach, na ang ibig sabihin ay interpreter. Ang Evans naman eh yung tinatawag na ‘patronymic name’ o yung hango sa pangalan ng isang ninuno. Sa kasong ito, nangangahulugan ito na ‘son of Evan‘.

Ilang minuto pa ang lumipas ng muli kong itanong ito sa isa pang kaibigan na bagong dating lang. Aniya, pamilyar daw sa kanya ang pangalang yun. “Yun ba yung sa American Idol?”

Di magkamayaw na tawanan ang sumunod na narinig.

Ikaw, kilala mo ba si Talmage Evans? Siya ba ay iyong hinahanap? Bakit?

Pano mo hahanapin ang isang taong ayaw magpahanap?

-Ed. E.