Flying Free

Chapter 1: Flying Free

One day, the Blue Peacock said to the Red Owl, “I’m leaving the Aviary soon.”

The Red Owl took a moment to digest what he had just heard. “W-what? What did you say?”

“I’m leaving the Aviary soon, hahaha!”

The Red Owl was surprised upon hearing the Blue Peacock repeat the same words. It wasn’t that he hadn’t heard it clearly the first time; he simply didn’t want to believe that what he was hearing was true.

“How come?” asked the Red Owl, “Don’t you want to stay here anymore?”

“There’s nothing left for me to do here,” replied the Blue Peacock, “There’s still more that I want to accomplish in my life, and things aren’t looking exactly bright for me here”

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The Last Song

It’s been a long time, but now the journey must come to an end.

It’s not really a surprise, because I was already looking forward to it. I could even say that it no longer came as a shock to me. At that time, I knew already what I needed to do. At best, I had about three months. Yes, there is always the hope of things taking a turn for the better; and yet I knew full well that the chances of such were too slim. I was inside a system that I knew I wouldn’t be able to survive on. Perhaps I was too proud, or maybe too stubborn to adhere to the system. The day to day mundane routine was starting to take its toll on me, and there came a point when I had decided that I was not one to let this go on forever.

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Shy There

A friend of mine was having this dilemma of whether he should stay in his place of work, or move on to another career path. He had his share of reasons to stay and leave, with the leave option having the most shares. What was interesting, was the one reason that would make him stay: the girl that he’d like to see more of.

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