Why do I even bother?
Why do I go on?
What could possibly make me
Fight to live another day?
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Memoirs of a Washout Writer

Squinting his eyes to better see in the light of a pale gibbous moon, he hurriedly takes out the short pencil hidden in his shirt pocket, and proceeds to write on the little scraps of paper he was able to salvage from the trash. Everything that he writes, and all of his thoughts and emotions, will be carefully placed inside a little time capsule.

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At The Corner Of 5th And Welson

I once met myself, at the corner of 5th and Welson. It sounds hard to believe, but I did. I was on my way to work when I saw him running towards me. You could imagine my surprise; I knew it was impossible. But there he was.. or is it there I was? Anyway, this someone who looked exactly like me was there across the street from me, and he was wearing the same clothes that I had on. He was in a hurry, I think, because I could see that he was gradually sprinting towards me. And he was angry, I think, judging by that scowl he had on his face.

It was the last thing I saw before his fist hit me squarely on the jaw.

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Crossroad Puzzle

At various points in my life, I have always found myself at a crossroad. That time when I stayed at the library to find out if I had a shot with this girl that I liked. Or that time when I thought of whether I should just go home, or whether I should run off to the airport to send off that girl I wanted to date. Or that time when I had to decide between staying at the office watching the final season premiere of Heroes, or mounting a rescue attempt of sorts to see this girl I really felt close to.
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Another Dreary Night

Stars. Tiny little dots that light up the night sky. Sometimes, you’ll see clouds. You know they’re clouds, because of the illumination brought by the light of the moon. Hah, the moon. I could just stare at it for hours, and I still wouldn’t be close enough to reaching it. It would be just like when I was a kid, wishing to see space using a high-power telescope. I’m still light-years away from realizing that dream.

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Bakit Meal

Minsan talaga, anuman ang gawin mong pag-iwas, darating at darating ka sa puntong makakaharap mo ang palaisipang mag-uudyok sa ‘yo para tumigil, at magnilay-nilay.

Matapos ang isang nakakabusog na almusal ng samu’t-saring ulam, kanin, at kakanin na nakalatag dun sa malaking mesa sa gitna, nagsibalikan na kami sa mga kanya-kanya naming pwesto, at pinagpatuloy ang mga bagay na kelangan naming gawin. Sa gitna ng paghihintay sa pag-usad ng oras, at ng mga makinang nasa harapan namin, samu’t-saring mga paksa ang aming napag-usapan.

Nawala sa isip ko kung paano nagsimula, at kung ano ang nag-udyok sa isa kong kaibigan para magtanong, pero bigla na lang nyang sinabi ang mga salitang ito:

“Bakit kaya tayo nagmamahal ng mga taong hindi tayo mahal?”

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Drawing the Line

Where does friendship end, and confusion begin?

This is one question that I certainly can’t figure out on my own, so feel free to share in my miserable ranting. I mean, when is a friend no longer just a “friend”? When do you start seeing her in a different light, and can you prevent this from happening? How do you stop something that comes naturally? Here I insert metaphors; they add some sort of flavor. “It’s like trying to stop the rain from falling, or the grass from growing.”


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