The Jigsaw Miracle

It’s funny how everything connects, even those seemingly insignificant events that you can no longer recall, or would rather forget.

It’s like trying to solve a jigsaw puzzle, where the pieces are handed to you one piece at a time, and you haven’t the slightest idea what you’re going to get.

As far as you’re concerned, everything that goes on around you have no relation to each other. They’re all just random events that just eventually occured, whether by your own choice, or by circumstances beyond your control.

And then something happens, and all of a sudden your face lights up, and just like that.. you know.

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Love That Surpasses Death

This morning when I woke up, the first thing that I see is the poster at the foot of my bed. Technically, it’s not even a bed, for I sleep on the sofa. But there, in front of me, is a picture of my parents on their wedding day. My mother had me print that when I was in college. It was a letter to her from my father, and the background was a picture of their wedding kiss.

Today, is my parents’ wedding anniversary. This marks their 45th year together. This may seem unusual or amusing to some that we still count the anniversaries, but six years after my father’s passing, and I can still feel their love for each other.

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Party’s Over

Today, in the midst of all the fanfare and commotion brought about by the season, we remember an important person. Not because of his status in life, or how much money he had in the bank. We remember him, because of the difference he made in our lives.  He was Raemond Dieter Racho Arizala, a son, a brother, a friend.

They say he made some wrong decisions in life, and that it was these decisions that led him to his death.  Perhaps there was some truth to it. True, to all those who knew him well he was a great person, but great as he may be, RD was no saint. There are those who may affirm how much RD had hurt them, how he may have led them to believe in forever, and how just as subtle, paved the ground with his own deceit. I for one may never know the true story behind all this, for what I know are mere whispers of what actually transpired.

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Bakit Meal

Minsan talaga, anuman ang gawin mong pag-iwas, darating at darating ka sa puntong makakaharap mo ang palaisipang mag-uudyok sa ‘yo para tumigil, at magnilay-nilay.

Matapos ang isang nakakabusog na almusal ng samu’t-saring ulam, kanin, at kakanin na nakalatag dun sa malaking mesa sa gitna, nagsibalikan na kami sa mga kanya-kanya naming pwesto, at pinagpatuloy ang mga bagay na kelangan naming gawin. Sa gitna ng paghihintay sa pag-usad ng oras, at ng mga makinang nasa harapan namin, samu’t-saring mga paksa ang aming napag-usapan.

Nawala sa isip ko kung paano nagsimula, at kung ano ang nag-udyok sa isa kong kaibigan para magtanong, pero bigla na lang nyang sinabi ang mga salitang ito:

“Bakit kaya tayo nagmamahal ng mga taong hindi tayo mahal?”

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