The Adventures of Sunshine Boy and Rainbow Girl – II

Chapter 2: Never Let Her Slip Away

One Sunday morning, Sunshine Boy sent a message to his friend, Barkada Guy.

Tol!” In the Fellowship of the Grid, this was a term they generally used to address each other.

Barkada Guy, who was probably busy that day, replied with a simple “Why?” and waited for the reply.

A second hadn’t even passed yet when Sunshine Boy sent a new message.

“Last Friday was just.. really great,” he said. “The most amazing thing happened.”


“I talked to a girl.”

Realizing how cheesy he sounded, Sunshine Boy laughed out loud.

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The Adventures Of Sunshine Boy and Rainbow Girl – I

Chapter 1: Can We Just Stop And Talk Awhile

Simple, yet meaningful. This was to be a recurring theme in the lives of Sunshine Boy and Rainbow Girl. Even now, none of them would have thought that a simple encounter would be the starting point to this amazing tale.

When they first met, they knew nothing about each other, only the fact that they were meeting for strictly business reasons. There were no bells, no doves, no sentimental music playing in the background. He gave her the shirts she ordered, she gave him her payment, and that was it. Their roads branched out, and they each lived their own adventures.

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The Way She Smiles

He would never have imagined that things would end up like this. The beginning was undeniably beautiful, and there were times when he would actually wonder how it happened, how he had ended up in those moments that, for lack of a better word, have been some kind of wonderful.

He had long resigned himself to the fact that nothing lasts forever, and that whatever joyful event he experienced, was merely momentary. He was fine with it, for in a world that was constantly trying to drive him insane, he enjoyed those brief moments shared with Lady Luck.

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Party’s Over

Today, in the midst of all the fanfare and commotion brought about by the season, we remember an important person. Not because of his status in life, or how much money he had in the bank. We remember him, because of the difference he made in our lives.  He was Raemond Dieter Racho Arizala, a son, a brother, a friend.

They say he made some wrong decisions in life, and that it was these decisions that led him to his death.  Perhaps there was some truth to it. True, to all those who knew him well he was a great person, but great as he may be, RD was no saint. There are those who may affirm how much RD had hurt them, how he may have led them to believe in forever, and how just as subtle, paved the ground with his own deceit. I for one may never know the true story behind all this, for what I know are mere whispers of what actually transpired.

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Definitely A Pretty Sight

A few weeks have passed, and the memory of that day still remains with me.


I set out once more on a journey, back to where it all came to pass. This time, there no longer was any difficulty getting there. The flood had subsided, and there were no more rushing waves to struggle against with.

I needed to go back there, because I wanted to see just how the whole place changed with that one passing storm. I wanted to see how different the whole place would be like, if dry. I have been there quite a few times before, but the perspective between now and that time a few weeks back was so distinct, that I couldn’t help but marvel at how different things are today.

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Coming Full Circle

End of the LineThis is where I ended up before, after sending off a friend towards a very long journey. A year has already passed, and I’m here once again. Though I can always say that the bond remains, truth is, things are not the same. I’ve grown tired of the pattern, and I’ve grown weary from trying to make excuses for all the crap I have to deal with. As I make my way inside this hallowed sanctuary, I marvel at the events that have happened since that day, and at how it has led me back to the same path. Hopefully, it has made me a better person, or else this whole journey was all for nothing. Then again, maybe this whole trip is a prelude to a whole new exodus, and I have yet to place my foot towards that path.

I might as well head home.

And I think it’s gonna be alright
Yeah, the worst is over now
The mornin’ sun is shinin’ like a red rubber ball

-Red Rubber Ball by Cyrkle
-Ed. E.