The Next Five Years

Any adult who’s been in an interview will have heard this very popular question at least once in their life:

Where do you see yourself five years from now?


With everything that’s been happening in my life right now, I can’t help but look back at how my life was back then. To quote something I wrote five years ago in A State Of Felicity, “A lot of things had changed.” And it’s the same now.

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Sophia and the Magical World

“Mama,” said Sophia. It was the annual Halloween celebration at our office, and here I was playing balloons with my colleague’s baby daughter. She was beside the retired foosball table, pushing and pulling the different levers. Hah. I remember playing foosball when there was still a game room. Well, playing usually meant losing to the same girl from a different team, but it was still fun.

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At The Corner Of 5th And Welson

I once met myself, at the corner of 5th and Welson. It sounds hard to believe, but I did. I was on my way to work when I saw him running towards me. You could imagine my surprise; I knew it was impossible. But there he was.. or is it there I was? Anyway, this someone who looked exactly like me was there across the street from me, and he was wearing the same clothes that I had on. He was in a hurry, I think, because I could see that he was gradually sprinting towards me. And he was angry, I think, judging by that scowl he had on his face.

It was the last thing I saw before his fist hit me squarely on the jaw.

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The Next Best Thing

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wondered whether or not I should go and 1) register a unique domain for my blog, or 2) create a Facebook page. My reasons for doing any of the two would range from the simplistic (It would be really, really cool) to the strategic (I would be able to get more views). Or, it was probably because for the longest time, I wanted to reach an audience. Continue reading

Halfway There

Some people live for the weekends. Day in and day out, they pine for its coming and wish that the weekdays were shorter, and that the clock would tick faster. Some even wake up to a brand new morning and wish that it was already the ending to one hell of a tiring week.

Not me.

I’ve always lived my life one excruciatingly slow day at a time. I live for the day-to-day mundane occurrences that drag me down, and wear me out. I live for the difficult challenges that plague my every waking hour, made easy by brief moments of pure inspiration. I live for the stolen glances, the casual nods, the awkward smiles, the simple conversations, and the meaningful moments spent with meaningful people.

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