The Next Best Thing

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wondered whether or not I should go and 1) register a unique domain for my blog, or 2) create a Facebook page. My reasons for doing any of the two would range from the simplistic (It would be really, really cool) to the strategic (I would be able to get more views). Or, it was probably because for the longest time, I wanted to reach an audience. Continue reading


Our Essay: A Parable Of Sorts

Once there was a traveler, going about his way. Walking, working, waiting, all throughout the day. Surrounded by strangers, some of whom he considered friends; trying to balance work and life, trying to meet those ends.

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Another Dreary Night

Stars. Tiny little dots that light up the night sky. Sometimes, you’ll see clouds. You know they’re clouds, because of the illumination brought by the light of the moon. Hah, the moon. I could just stare at it for hours, and I still wouldn’t be close enough to reaching it. It would be just like when I was a kid, wishing to see space using a high-power telescope. I’m still light-years away from realizing that dream.

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Halfway There

Some people live for the weekends. Day in and day out, they pine for its coming and wish that the weekdays were shorter, and that the clock would tick faster. Some even wake up to a brand new morning and wish that it was already the ending to one hell of a tiring week.

Not me.

I’ve always lived my life one excruciatingly slow day at a time. I live for the day-to-day mundane occurrences that drag me down, and wear me out. I live for the difficult challenges that plague my every waking hour, made easy by brief moments of pure inspiration. I live for the stolen glances, the casual nods, the awkward smiles, the simple conversations, and the meaningful moments spent with meaningful people.

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Definitely A Pretty Sight

A few weeks have passed, and the memory of that day still remains with me.


I set out once more on a journey, back to where it all came to pass. This time, there no longer was any difficulty getting there. The flood had subsided, and there were no more rushing waves to struggle against with.

I needed to go back there, because I wanted to see just how the whole place changed with that one passing storm. I wanted to see how different the whole place would be like, if dry. I have been there quite a few times before, but the perspective between now and that time a few weeks back was so distinct, that I couldn’t help but marvel at how different things are today.

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Journey of a Thousand Miles

With the way things are going now, I’ll either end up insane, or pretty much wasted, as I have always been.

How long ago has it been already? It has been more than a year, but not yet two, since the day that it started. A casual, almost ordinary event that I never knew would grow into one of the most extraordinary events in my life. I never expected that things would turn out this way, and when I say I never expected it, I mean I really didn’t expect it. Yes, there might have been little hints, or warnings, if you want to call them that. I simply plowed through because I never expected much in return. I had no ulterior motives for the things that I’ve done so far. I simply enjoyed doing them. Shallow, I think others would describe it as that.

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Coming Full Circle

End of the LineThis is where I ended up before, after sending off a friend towards a very long journey. A year has already passed, and I’m here once again. Though I can always say that the bond remains, truth is, things are not the same. I’ve grown tired of the pattern, and I’ve grown weary from trying to make excuses for all the crap I have to deal with. As I make my way inside this hallowed sanctuary, I marvel at the events that have happened since that day, and at how it has led me back to the same path. Hopefully, it has made me a better person, or else this whole journey was all for nothing. Then again, maybe this whole trip is a prelude to a whole new exodus, and I have yet to place my foot towards that path.

I might as well head home.

And I think it’s gonna be alright
Yeah, the worst is over now
The mornin’ sun is shinin’ like a red rubber ball

-Red Rubber Ball by Cyrkle
-Ed. E.