The Adventures Of Sunshine Boy and Rainbow Girl – I

Chapter 1: Can We Just Stop And Talk Awhile

Simple, yet meaningful. This was to be a recurring theme in the lives of Sunshine Boy and Rainbow Girl. Even now, none of them would have thought that a simple encounter would be the starting point to this amazing tale.

When they first met, they knew nothing about each other, only the fact that they were meeting for strictly business reasons. There were no bells, no doves, no sentimental music playing in the background. He gave her the shirts she ordered, she gave him her payment, and that was it. Their roads branched out, and they each lived their own adventures.

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17 Again

Here it is, the 12th day of the 8th month.

Since the last time I wrote an entry to commemorate this day, has anything changed? Have I made any progress? I’d like to think so, yes. The previous year, I was just starting out at work, and though I was already regular status by then, I still had a few more months to go before I spent a year working at the company.

Looking back, I know that I’ve learned quite a few things over these past months. Things that I didn’t know I could do, and even other things that I never thought I’d end up doing. It has a been an interesting year, indeed it has been.

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In the Morning

Here comes the sun.. and I say, “It’s alright”
-Beatles, “Here Comes The Sun”


For today, there is no sorrow; no empty feeling brought about by endless longing. No cold wind to chill my very being. No more of that perpetual pining, for a promise that seems to have lost its meaning. No, there will be none of those today. For today marks another milestone in this very long, very tiring, albeit interesting journey. And just like it says on the greeting card, today should be happy.


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