Kaibigang Lampara

kaibigang lampara

Magsisilbing gabay sa iyong paglalakbay
Pag ika’y matamlay, liwanag ay kanyang alay.
Anuman ang mangyari dito sa ‘ting buhay
Pagkakaibigan n’yong tunay, ay di mamamatay

Kaibigang Lampara. Bow.
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Listen Up, And Listen Good!


Even if you don’t have anything profound to say, or even if you have no idea what’s going on, sometimes all that really matters is that you’re there for your friend in times when you are most needed.

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Ang Sumpa Ni Shaots

Bago pa man naging sikat ang salitang Friend Zone, at bago pa sumikat yung palabas ni Ramon Bautista sa YouTube na Tales from the Friendzone, isang kahindik-hindik na kaganapan muna ang mangyayari sa isang lalake na nag-aaral noon sa kolehiyo. Isang pangyayari na malaki ang magiging epekto sa kanya sa mga susunod pang taon ng buhay niya. Malaki talaga yung naging epekto, tindi nga eh. Pano ko nalaman? Eh kuwento ng buhay ko ‘to eh!

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Ballad Days: The Ballad of Kuroda Kaito

Stanza One
A Sudden Encounter

Things happened in rapid succession that Matsuhara Takumi didn’t notice anything besides a civilian dressed Yoshikuni Kazuma walking towards him and Ishimaru Masato.

Masato walked a few steps ahead to meet Kazuma, and reached out his arm in greeting. Turning around, Masato silently signalled to Takumi to look behind him, and upon doing so, Matsuhara Takumi finally realized what happened– a group of girls had just entered the convenience store, and one of them was Matsuo Asuka.

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The Adventures of Sunshine Boy and Rainbow Girl – II

Chapter 2: Never Let Her Slip Away

One Sunday morning, Sunshine Boy sent a message to his friend, Barkada Guy.

Tol!” In the Fellowship of the Grid, this was a term they generally used to address each other.

Barkada Guy, who was probably busy that day, replied with a simple “Why?” and waited for the reply.

A second hadn’t even passed yet when Sunshine Boy sent a new message.

“Last Friday was just.. really great,” he said. “The most amazing thing happened.”


“I talked to a girl.”

Realizing how cheesy he sounded, Sunshine Boy laughed out loud.

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The Adventures Of Sunshine Boy and Rainbow Girl – I

Chapter 1: Can We Just Stop And Talk Awhile

Simple, yet meaningful. This was to be a recurring theme in the lives of Sunshine Boy and Rainbow Girl. Even now, none of them would have thought that a simple encounter would be the starting point to this amazing tale.

When they first met, they knew nothing about each other, only the fact that they were meeting for strictly business reasons. There were no bells, no doves, no sentimental music playing in the background. He gave her the shirts she ordered, she gave him her payment, and that was it. Their roads branched out, and they each lived their own adventures.

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The Way She Smiles

He would never have imagined that things would end up like this. The beginning was undeniably beautiful, and there were times when he would actually wonder how it happened, how he had ended up in those moments that, for lack of a better word, have been some kind of wonderful.

He had long resigned himself to the fact that nothing lasts forever, and that whatever joyful event he experienced, was merely momentary. He was fine with it, for in a world that was constantly trying to drive him insane, he enjoyed those brief moments shared with Lady Luck.

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The Gauge of Happiness

I’ve forgotten when it all started, but there came a time when I wanted a certain August day to pass by unnoticed. Without fanfare, without any commotion. Not that I wasn’t thankful for the blessing of making it past another year, but I just wanted it to be a quiet day, free from the unnecessary spotlight that was traditionally imposed on celebrants like myself.

Also, one other reason is that I didn’t want anyone spending on gifts for me. I was already quite content just being in the company of family and friends, so I’ve never expected any gifts of the material kind. It sounds like something out of a Shōnen manga, but there was no better gift for me than friendship.

One day, out of nowhere, a friend of mine asked me what I thought about guitar picks. True to form, I almost rambled on about the perks of playing the guitar using a pick, and the difference in sound quality. I asked Tonet why the sudden interest, and I was told that it was for someone she knew who plays the guitar.

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The Amusing Race

It wasn’t a race. It wasn’t even a competition. And yet, as I opened up my eyes this morning, my mind was set on what I wanted to do today. There was no prize to be won, and this wasn’t even a marathon with a finish line. But as I placed my feet on the road, I knew what I wanted to do.

And so there I was, the first few minutes spent walking the four-lane side street outside our home. I turned at the corner and greeted the roosters that were there. Yes, I talk to roosters. For the life of me I don’t know how it was possible, but they would always respond every time I crowed at them. And every time they did, I’d always whisper back “Thank you“. For what, even I don’t know.

I rounded another corner and ended up at a crossroad. I had to make a decision, fast. Was I going to take the vehicle that was already waiting in front of me? Or do I walk across the street? Between roosters and crossroads, why did the chicken cross the road?

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