Once Again

He looks at her from afar
The silence between them growing
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Visions Of Impossibility

Dreams. There was a time, long ago, when I gave importance to these… visions, born out of slumber. There was a book that I used to read as a kid, and it offered some answers as to what your dreams meant. I’ve always found it amusing, that for every possible object, there was a supposed meaning. You dreamt of cars? There’s an explanation for that. You dreamt you were flying? Read on to know what that means. When we moved to a different residence, the book seemed to have gotten lost. And, as I got older, I lost interest in trying to find explanations for the dreams that I had.

Still, there are times when I would wake up and find myself lost in a haze, wondering what it all means.

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A Bittersweet Melody

It was indeed, the most beautiful sound he’d ever heard.

He could probably spend days listening to it, and never get tired of hearing it. He could be forever lost in that moment, and yet he’d feel no need to return back the way he came from. As far as he could tell, this rapturous feeling was the closest to heaven that he’d ever felt. He could not bear it in his heart to depart.

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The Lady of the Gallows

I looked up above and tried picturing the sky, but alas, there was nothing to see. As I walked slowly along the long corridor, I suddenly felt like I was a prisoner making his way towards the gallows. The passage of time never felt this slow, and the things that have been happening around me were starting to feel like replays of an old life. I closed my eyes, breathed deeply, and then sighed.  I slowly opened my eyes,  but alas, my surroundings disappointingly remained the same. It didn’t really come as a surprise, but apparently I was still stuck in a gloomy reality.

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Tranquil Interlude

He could hear only the faint murmur of voices around him, and beyond that he could only make out brief, fleeting images that seemed to come and go. Just a few minutes ago, everything was quite normal. By normal, he had come to define it as the monotonous humdrum of noise and glaring lights. It almost always felt to him as if his skull would crack from the dizzying migraine he had to endure. It had been a taxing day, and surely some rest after the struggle would be most welcome.

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Ballad Days: The Ballad of Ishimaru Masato

Stanza One
So It Begins.


It almost seemed as if he’d been sitting here at the library for all eternity. Not that he’d even feel it. Ishimaru Masato was too preoccupied reading the latest adventure of his favorite detective on the net. He stretched his legs and looked around. What time is it, he asked himself. Looking around, he slowly realized that those who came after him had already left, or were being called to leave. That’s weird. He glanced towards his back, only to recognize a face he couldn’t just forget. It was her once again. She wasn’t looking at him, but he saw that she was smiling.

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