Sira Na Naman!

Ang hirap nung pakiramdam kapag di mo alam kung papano nangyari ang isang problema, kaya hindi mo rin alam kung paano ‘to sisimulang ayusin. Yung tipong nananahimik ka lang tapos bigla na lang titigil ang mundo mo dahil sa isang aberya na di mo sigurado kung papano nag-simula.

Nitong huling linggo lang, nagkaproblema na naman ako sa PC ko. Gaya nung sinulat ko kanina lang, nananahimik ako sa harapan ng PC ng biglang KABOOM– sumambulat sa monitor ang isang BSOD.  Inisip ko nun na memory na naman siguro problema nito. Mukhang ganun na nga, dahil pagka-restart ko ng PC, napansin kong iba na ang sinasabing RAM size nito. Tsk. Pahirapan na naman ‘to. Ang kadalasan ko kasing ginagawa nun eh ang pagtanggal-kabit nung RAM modules, minsan pagpapalit ko pa ng pwestong paglalagyan.

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CRT Monitor: Tunay na Lalake

Ang tunay na lalake, maaasahan mo pag wala ka ng ibang maasahan pa.


Akala ko hindi na ‘ko makakagamit ng PC magmula ng magsimulang pumalya yung LCD monitor na binili ko sa bodega sale ng opisina namin. Nung una yung nagsimulang magbisyo, nadadaan pa nun sa paghintay na mag-warm up ito, kasi matapos ang ilang minuto eh gumagana na ‘yun uli. Kaso, sa katagalan, lalo lang tumatagal bago ito mag-on, hanggang sa ‘di na to mag-on talaga. Mula noon, hindi na kami makagamit ng PC dito sa bahay. Hassle.

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Ballad Days: The Ballad of Ishimaru Masato

Stanza One
So It Begins.


It almost seemed as if he’d been sitting here at the library for all eternity. Not that he’d even feel it. Ishimaru Masato was too preoccupied reading the latest adventure of his favorite detective on the net. He stretched his legs and looked around. What time is it, he asked himself. Looking around, he slowly realized that those who came after him had already left, or were being called to leave. That’s weird. He glanced towards his back, only to recognize a face he couldn’t just forget. It was her once again. She wasn’t looking at him, but he saw that she was smiling.

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New Lease on Life

We rarely get the chance to rise up from our downfall. Sometimes, we get used to the idea that we can never come back that we lose all sense of hope; our spirit quashed and laid to rot in the desert of depression.

But just when we think nothing seems to work, we risk our lives on a gamble, on a wild idea that forever nagged you ever since you thought it plausible. You don’t even have time to cross your fingers. The first step has been taken; might as well continue forward with no regrets.

To your delight, your gamble pays off! The mad theory that you conjured has been your redemption. You are now given a clean slate, ready once more to start anew. This battle may seem repeating, but you will always press on, because the rewards far outweigh the struggle.

-Ed. E.

Back From The Void

I’m back. Even I can’t believe it. I’ve gotten used to the fact that regardless of how many times I toggle the switch, I won’t receive any response from my computer. I simply must get a new power supply. Of course, I wouldn’t hear any of it. From my perspective, whoever broke the pc in the first place should be the one to buy a replacement. Since there was no action taken, I let it rest. I, unlike them however, had an ace up my sleeve. From outside the box hidden in the upstairs room, I brought out our first PC, an IBM AT Intel 80386. My father bought it when I was around 7 or 8, and from there started a monochromatic adventure of danger, suspense, dram–

..I’m mostly talking about the games I installed up until my 2nd year in high school. Ahh.. DOS games still rock.

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