Ang Alamat Ng Counting Stars

“Ang ganda naman ng kantang ‘to,” sabi ni Chelly sa aming dalawa ni Ace. “Gusto n’yong pakinggan?”

“Yung ano, Chel?” tanong ni Ace na nakaupo sa kanyang kaliwa.

Counting Stars,” sagot nya naman.

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A Solemn Holiday

“It’s too quiet, “ said his nephew. “Why is everything silent? It’s Christmas!”

Indeed. A few more hours and it would be Christmas, and yet as he looked at his watch, he felt no urge to jump up and down in anticipation like he did when he was little. It was almost too funny, how things ended up the way they were right now. It was to be the most festive day of the year, and yet he just sat there silently, as if he was just watching the passage of time.

Unfortunately, there was nothing funny in how things came to be. Like a bad aftertaste, it was a feeling he couldn’t ignore completely. However, he was already past the point of heightened emotion. Now, it would seem that he had reached a steady standpoint; as if he was now a lighthouse in a solitary island, unmoved amidst the turbulent seas. While the rest of the world swirled around him, he stands in silent observation.

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Give Love On Christmas Day

I was supposed to buy an exchange gift for an officemate who I had no idea who he or she was. I’m guessing our department thought that the whole mystery recipient thing was cool or something. I, on the other hand, was annoyed at the whole idea. Especially the part where we get to put on a spreadsheet file our “wish list”, whatever we want to receive from our mysterious gift-giver. I mean, if you know what you want, and you know how much we’re all supposed to spend on the gift, then why don’t you buy it yourself? It all sounded pointless to me. Call me weird, but for me, the best thing about receiving a gift is not knowing what it is.

So there I was at the mall, looking for something worth P500 to fill in the box that my mother bought me earlier from the market. Well, I might as well scratch out the NBA cap the random person I picked listed on the Wish List, because there was no way I was going to find one in all the shops I’ve been to so far. I decided then to transfer to another mall; I might have better luck finding one there.

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