Best. News. Ever. 

Have you ever heard news so good that you felt nothing but pure joy? Have you ever come across something so miraculous, that you felt like nothing else mattered?

I have! And it’s the best. news. ever. That’s still how I feel about it, even after five weeks.

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Blog Update: One-Line Movie Reviews

You probably noticed just recently three posts which are kind of different from what I usually post in my blog. Well, in the spirit of sharing more of my thoughts and opinions, I’ve decided to start posting more movie reviews. Regular readers of my blog will probably remember that from time to time, I post reviews of some of the movies that I have watched over the years. I’ll still be doing that, but to spice things up a bit, I’m going to incorporate something which I started doing when I launched my blog’s Facebook page:

One-Line Movie Reviews.

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Cheers to Ten Years!

Wow. 10 years. TEN. YEARS. That’s how long I’ve been blogging!

I’m still amazed at how the years have gone by. A lot has changed since my very first post, all those years ago.

Well for one thing, the blog theme that you see right before you isn’t the one that I started out with back in 2005. And oh, I should really bring this out first; I didn’t start blogging in WordPress. I started out using the blogs feature offered by Friendster. Remember Friendster? Haha. “Hashtag Generation Gap” right there.

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17 Again

Here it is, the 12th day of the 8th month.

Since the last time I wrote an entry to commemorate this day, has anything changed? Have I made any progress? I’d like to think so, yes. The previous year, I was just starting out at work, and though I was already regular status by then, I still had a few more months to go before I spent a year working at the company.

Looking back, I know that I’ve learned quite a few things over these past months. Things that I didn’t know I could do, and even other things that I never thought I’d end up doing. It has a been an interesting year, indeed it has been.

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