Why I Don’t Like The Netflix Death Note Film


I posted a 1-sentence review of this movie here, and I said that I wanted to stop watching and just read the manga that it’s based from. Well I did do that, and just a few chapters of reading enlightened me as to why I didn’t like this Netflix adaptation AT ALL.

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Growing Older, Getting Stronger

I grew up knowing about the Rocky movie franchise, but I don’t recall having watched any of the movies at a young age. I might have seen one of them when I was a kid, but I can’t think of a long enough movie scene. The earliest viewing that I could remember was probably when I was already in High School, when I watched the 1976 film Rocky on television. I could remember Sylvester Stallone and his trademark way of talking, his fight with a guy called Spider Rico, and a girl from a pet store who would eventually be his love interest as the movie progressed. It’s been a long time ago since I saw Rocky; those were all the details that I could remember. I didn’t get to watch the sequels on TV, and at that time, television was my only means for watching movies. The days went by fast, and slowly my memories of “The Italian Stallion” faded to oblivion.

Fast-forward to 2007, and while with my college classmates, I saw a movie poster for the latest installment in the Rocky franchise: Rocky Balboa. I didn’t think any of it back then, but I remembered searching it on the Internet, to find out what the plot was. Skimming the article led to me not being interested in the film. From what I understood, there was this computer simulation that pitted Rocky Balboa against the current undisputed world champion. It was supposed to determine who among the two boxers would win, had they met each other during their prime. During that simulated fight, Rocky emerged as the victor. I couldn’t appreciate the concept that time, and I thought it was kind of a lame plot, if the champion suddenly wanted an actual match with Balboa, because he was insulted by the simulation result. And so, it would be a few more years before I’d watch the sixth Rocky film.

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