The Jigsaw Miracle

It’s funny how everything connects, even those seemingly insignificant events that you can no longer recall, or would rather forget.

It’s like trying to solve a jigsaw puzzle, where the pieces are handed to you one piece at a time, and you haven’t the slightest idea what you’re going to get.

As far as you’re concerned, everything that goes on around you have no relation to each other. They’re all just random events that just eventually occured, whether by your own choice, or by circumstances beyond your control.

And then something happens, and all of a sudden your face lights up, and just like that.. you know.

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The Coloring Book

And then it came to pass, one cold December night. Clarisse was supposed to go to bed, but for some reason, sleep would not visit her. She kept looking towards her desk, where she placed the coloring book she just bought that day. Continue reading

Plus One

I remember when one of my college buddies asked me to be the Best Man at his wedding, a few weeks from that day; we were all happy and excited when we found out that he was going to get married! And, of all the thoughts about what to wear, or what to do at the wedding, there was one particular thought that came to my mind: Who would be my +1?

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Sophia and the Magical World

“Mama,” said Sophia. It was the annual Halloween celebration at our office, and here I was playing balloons with my colleague’s baby daughter. She was beside the retired foosball table, pushing and pulling the different levers. Hah. I remember playing foosball when there was still a game room. Well, playing usually meant losing to the same girl from a different team, but it was still fun.

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Ang Sumpa Ni Shaots

Bago pa man naging sikat ang salitang Friend Zone, at bago pa sumikat yung palabas ni Ramon Bautista sa YouTube na Tales from the Friendzone, isang kahindik-hindik na kaganapan muna ang mangyayari sa isang lalake na nag-aaral noon sa kolehiyo. Isang pangyayari na malaki ang magiging epekto sa kanya sa mga susunod pang taon ng buhay niya. Malaki talaga yung naging epekto, tindi nga eh. Pano ko nalaman? Eh kuwento ng buhay ko ‘to eh!

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Dried and withered leaves on the sidewalk. A mangy, malnourished-looking street dog. A long line of vehicles at a standstill on his left. Meanwhile, here he was also stuck in traffic, the heat of the  sun offering no comfort to his already weary spirit, listening to the radio as it steadily played a long list of love songs. This was going to be yet another dismal day, he could tell.

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Ballad Days: The Ballad of Kuroda Kaito

Stanza One
A Sudden Encounter

Things happened in rapid succession that Matsuhara Takumi didn’t notice anything besides a civilian dressed Yoshikuni Kazuma walking towards him and Ishimaru Masato.

Masato walked a few steps ahead to meet Kazuma, and reached out his arm in greeting. Turning around, Masato silently signalled to Takumi to look behind him, and upon doing so, Matsuhara Takumi finally realized what happened– a group of girls had just entered the convenience store, and one of them was Matsuo Asuka.

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The Adventures of Sunshine Boy and Rainbow Girl – II

Chapter 2: Never Let Her Slip Away

One Sunday morning, Sunshine Boy sent a message to his friend, Barkada Guy.

Tol!” In the Fellowship of the Grid, this was a term they generally used to address each other.

Barkada Guy, who was probably busy that day, replied with a simple “Why?” and waited for the reply.

A second hadn’t even passed yet when Sunshine Boy sent a new message.

“Last Friday was just.. really great,” he said. “The most amazing thing happened.”


“I talked to a girl.”

Realizing how cheesy he sounded, Sunshine Boy laughed out loud.

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