Drifting Away

Chapter 3: Drifting Away

There she goes.

From his new perch at the Aviary, the Red Owl watched silently as the Green Eagle flew past him. It was her last day today, and like Blue and Pink before her, Green was also setting out towards new horizons. I wonder if she’ll bump into Pink over the border, thought Red. The Green Eagle didn’t tell them much about where she will be settling in, only that it was beyond the border, more or less near where Pink was. The Red Owl found this amusing, this secrecy. He once thought of telling Green about it, but then decided against it. He didn’t want the Green Eagle’s last memory of him to be mixed with lingering annoyance.

The Green Eagle was nearly at the gate, when the Red Owl remembered something important.

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A Bad Joke

Hah. Look at all those people moving about, walking around like ants across the gravel path. They all seem to be heading for different directions, it’s a wonder they don’t collide with each other and break into a billion bits. Ahhhh, that would probably be a sight to see. Haha. I wonder what they’re all thinking about, walking around like that. Like that guy, for instance.

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Branching Out

Chapter 2: Branching Out


It was around three or four o’clock in the morning when the Red Owl first woke up. The moon was still out, and the stars still filled the night sky. There was a gentle coolness in the air; the kind that gave his feathered body a soothing chill.

Today’s the day, huh, thought the Red Owl to himself. Shaking the last ounce of sleep that was still in him, he readied himself and set out for the Aviary. Like the Blue Peacock, another one of his friends was going to leave.

It was Pink Parrot’s turn to say farewell.

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Flying Free

Chapter 1: Flying Free

One day, the Blue Peacock said to the Red Owl, “I’m leaving the Aviary soon.”

The Red Owl took a moment to digest what he had just heard. “W-what? What did you say?”

“I’m leaving the Aviary soon, hahaha!”

The Red Owl was surprised upon hearing the Blue Peacock repeat the same words. It wasn’t that he hadn’t heard it clearly the first time; he simply didn’t want to believe that what he was hearing was true.

“How come?” asked the Red Owl, “Don’t you want to stay here anymore?”

“There’s nothing left for me to do here,” replied the Blue Peacock, “There’s still more that I want to accomplish in my life, and things aren’t looking exactly bright for me here”

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