Missing In Action

I can remember a time when it would bother me when people would take too long to reply to my messages, or would be unreachable whenever we needed to make plans. Or times when it would feel disconcerting that someone had suddenly become, without any warning, strangely quiet. My life would suddenly become imbalanced, and I saw an urgent need to try to make things right again.

But then as I got older, I can’t really remember when exactly, but at some point a few years back, I stopped caring whether or not people interacted with me. Or if they would give me the cold shoulder, or the silent treatment. At some point in my life, I got too busy to even bother. My priorities shifted. I learned to value myself more. I no longer chased after the wrong people. I stopped giving a damn.

The universe is a pretty big place, and my world is not going to stop moving just because someone else decided that they no longer want to be in it.


-Ed. E.


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