The Augmented Dead

There’s going to be a new augmented reality (AR) game coming to your mobile phone, and it looks to be more interesting compared to Pokémon GO.


The game is called The Walking Dead: Our World. In the game you’ll get to use your smartphone to see a post-apocalyptic world filled with zom– I mean, walkers, and go on missions while fighting for your survival. Pretty neat concept. It’s like the game Into The Dead, but utilizing your immediate environment.

The only thing that will probably kill the experience is if the AR walkers look like cheap CG characters. Pokémon GO made everyone excited when their video ads led everyone to believe that they would get nicely rendered Pokémon moving around in the real world. Instead, we got cartoon sprites set in a cartoon backdrop.

I hope The Walking Dead: Our World doesn’t disappoint!

You can watch the game advertisement here.

-Ed. E.

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