Kaibigang Lampara

kaibigang lampara

Magsisilbing gabay sa iyong paglalakbay
Pag ika’y matamlay, liwanag ay kanyang alay.
Anuman ang mangyari dito sa ‘ting buhay
Pagkakaibigan n’yong tunay, ay di mamamatay

Kaibigang Lampara. Bow.

Kaibigang Lampara.. Kaibigang Lampara..
Pagka’t siya ay, Kaibigang Lampara..
-spoof ng awiting Kaibigan Lang Pala ni Jaramie

Well, it’s been 3 years since I came up with the poem above, so here’s an English version, if you’re interested:

Will serve as a guide as you go through your journey
Will brighten up your day if you ever feel weary
Whatever happens in life, to you or to me
True friendship like ours, will never cease to be

Your friend, the Lamp. Bow. (The pun doesn’t really work in English hehe)

-Ed. E.


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