Best. News. Ever. 

Have you ever heard news so good that you felt nothing but pure joy? Have you ever come across something so miraculous, that you felt like nothing else mattered?

I have! And it’s the best. news. ever. That’s still how I feel about it, even after five weeks.

It’s an awesome, breathtaking feeling, like you’re on top of the world. That for miles and miles all you can see is the beauty of everything around you. Yeah, there’s still a lot of unsavory things in the world— problems, concerns, and all types of distractions and drama.  But right here, right now, there is only one moment worth living for. It’s everything I never thought I actually wanted, or could actually get, and yet here I am, at the precipice of happiness, filled with a rush of euphoria I never thought possible.

Oh it’s gonna be different here on out, that much I know. Things will not be the same after this, I know that as well. I also know that it’s not going to be easy. I got my work cut out for me, and I’m gonna have a lot of stepping up to do. But things are about to get really, really interesting from this point forward. It will be tiring, and yes, exhausting, but it’s gonna be a brand new set of best days to come. A whole new adventure every day, that is very much worth waking up to. :)



p style=”text-align:justify;”>Seems as though, a month ago, I was Beta-Chi
Never got high, oh I was a sorry guy
And now, I smile and face the girl that shares my name
Now I’m through with the game
This boy will never be the same

-Kenny Loggins, “Danny’s Song”


-Ed. E.


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