Something To Aspire To

There’ll be days when you’ll find yourself stuck in a rut. It’s still the same activity you’ve been doing for months now, but this time, you find yourself getting less and less interested with it, and more and more detached from the whole thing. You’re slowly becoming this joyless black hole of negativity, and what’s worse, you’re now  starting to spread pessimism and apathy to the people around you. It’s a wonder how you can spend hours dwelling on problems without the least bit of effort spent on trying to find a working solution, or at the very least, trying to figure out what the problem is. You’ve resigned yourself to the fact that everything’s broken, and that there is nothing more to do but whine and complain about every little thing, and to just sit back as everything crumbles to dust.

Enough with all that. Find yourself something better to do. A new hobby. A new project. A new dream. A new perspective. Life is way too short to spend on negative thinking. Even way shorter, to spend all your time trying to bring people down. Every person that you meet in this life has their share of strengths and struggles. If you cannot be kind, if you cannot be understanding, then at the very least.. stop being a jerk.

In the movie “The Frozen Ground”, there is a line spoken by Allie Halcombe, wife of Nicholas Cage’s character Jack Halcombe: “Just because the system isn’t perfect, it doesn’t mean you quit trying to make it better.” There will always be something to improve on. Never ever stop trying to find something new to aspire to.


-Ed. E.


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