To All Voters, Just A Few Reminders

In a world where pictures can be photoshopped, where memes can be easily created, where videos can be spliced and edited to show just one side of the story.. In a world where the news can be bent to serve personal interests, where surveys can easily sway the undecided, and where public opinion can be influenced by anyone with a penchant for drama, let us not be easily swayed by what we see on television, or hear on the radio, or read about in the paper, or discover through social media.

Do not just take everything at face value. Be mindful of what is being offered to you. Learn to separate feasible goals from unrealistic promises, the truth from propaganda. Don’t just believe everything that they tell you. Be informed. Be curious. Read between and beyond the lines. There is nothing more favorable for politicians than to rule over people who would blindly follow them, and who would simply accept everything that they say, even in the face of insurmountable corruption.

And do NOT accept bribes! Do not sell your vote, and your soul for a handful of cash. Not only will you make a mockery of the election, but you also make a mockery of yourself, and your country. Always remember that what they give away, they will eventually take back from you soon. To a dirty politician, nothing ever comes free of charge.

Your vote is your own. Don’t let other people force you or manipulate you to vote for or against any candidate. Not your bosses. Not your political leaders. Not your priests. Not your pastors. Your vote is your own. Make your own decision.

On election day, let us all pay attention to what we are doing. Be vigilant, for the unscrupulous will do their best to cheat just to ensure their chances of winning. Know what to do the moment you step inside your precinct. Know what to expect. Know what to do with your ballot. Know what to do with your receipt. Bear in mind that on election day, you and the rest of the voting public hold in your hands the power to make a difference. Make it count!

Lastly, once votes have been counted and validated, and once winners have been inaugurated into office, then let us all start fresh, and let us shed all the negative things that have separated us since the start of the campaign. Regardless of who wins the election, nothing will ever happen if we continue our lives without self-discipline and a sense of shared destiny. And it won’t help us if we separate ourselves from those who voted differently. Whoever wins, we all win if we band together as one nation, one people. One man cannot move the nation on his own. It takes the help of every citizen to drive the country towards growth, towards progress.

Vote for our future, vote for our children. Let us all vote wisely, and together let us all walk hand in hand towards one destiny!

-Ed. E.

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