The Coloring Book

And then it came to pass, one cold December night. Clarisse was supposed to go to bed, but for some reason, sleep would not visit her. She kept looking towards her desk, where she placed the coloring book she just bought that day. Should I color the inside of the cover? Should I work on new pages? she thought. It was all she could think of actually, since that afternoon. And now, in the darkness of her room, it was as if she could hear voices whispering to her, calling out her name.

“Clarisse, Clarisse.. color us, Clarisse..” There was something unearthly with the voice that she was hearing, yet at the same time, Clarisse felt a comforting warmth coming from it.

“Color us, Clarisse.. Color us..”

Wiping the sleep from her eyes, Clarisse reaches out for her coloring book and pens, and starts filling the pages with vibrant colors.

At that moment, nothing else existed.

-Ed. E.


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