Lady’s Choice

There once was a lady, who couldn’t decide
She felt very helpless, she broke down and cried
I sat down with her and listened to her side
To the hurt and betrayal that she could no longer hide

It was almost like a story plucked out of romance fantasy
A damsel in distress, and the “knight” who heard her plea
For a few brief moments, they shared a life of ecstacy
Until she finally realized that they could never ever be

As she opens her eyes, for the very first time
She can see through his lies; all his dirt, all his grime
And while things in her life are without reason or rhyme
She knows that being with him will be such a crime.

For she knows in her heart that she truly deserves more
Much more than the swine who thinks he’s doing her a favor
And though she can’t bring things to the way they were before
She will always have choices– life has so much in store.

-Ed. E.

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