Give Me A (Commercial) Break!

For a few days now, I’ve been observing the same turn of events unfolding right before my very eyes. At first, I found it mystifying; I was intrigued with the whole thing. I mean, everyone seemed to be so drawn to the drama that they were seeing in front of them. And why wouldn’t they be? It all seemed so sweet, so romantic, so innocent, so.. adorable.

But now, after giving it some considerable thought, I’ve come to the conclusion that this has been nothing more than a trivial distraction, a noteworthy but shallow attempt to pass the time. There was nothing of meaning to be taken from all this charade. It was all for the sake of entertainment, although I really don’t find it entertaining anymore.

It was the same plot, frustratingly repeating itself. The same cutesy characters trying to act all cutesy in front of the audience. Trying to make everyone believe that what they were seeing was real. Well, it’s not. You were just led on. It was all a show. Time to move on now. Thank you for watching!


I turn off my senses for a few minutes. This facade isn’t just worth my time.

-Ed. E.


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