A Prelude To Zen

Ever since that last mishap where I let my impatience get the better of me, I’ve been living the last few days being constantly reminded of the error of my ways. Yes, I have relearned a valuable life lesson; to not let my emotions get the better of me.

This past week has also offered me a chance to reevaluate my current situation, and gauge where I can go from this point. I could do nothing at all, and watch as I let myself be reminded of what a fool I was, and how there’s nothing more that I can do to bring things to how they used to be. I could also probably try to repair what was broken, even though I would still end up in a dismally unfair situation, regardless of whatever fix I apply. Or I could perhaps, strive for something greater; something better than what I used to believe I deserved.

As I gaze out the window, I see in front of me the choices that I would need to make. The air is silent with anticipation; waiting for me to make the next move. For now, two things are certain. Soon I will have to say farewell to just trying to win.

Soon I will have to embrace the dawn of zen.

-Ed. E.


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