Fifty Fifty


I can tell you right now: this doesn’t happen often.

Imagine my surprise just a few hours ago when WordPress notified me that my blog had reached not just one, but two milestones, all within minutes of each other. And the interesting thing about them was they both involved the same number: 50.

It’s funny how it took me 10 years before I could get 50 WordPress users to subscribe to my blog, or for 50 WordPress users to like the posts that I’ve written so far. But from the bottom of my heart, I thank you, dear readers, for your continued visits to my blog. It’s sort of a fulfilling moment for me, seeing my posts making an impact of sorts on the lives of each and every one of you who I want to reach out to.

Fifty likes. Fifty follows. Can my blog also get FIFTY SHARES?? Hope you can help make this happen! I really believe you can!

To the current followers of The Wasted Wanderer blog, Facebook page, and Twitter account, THANK YOU ONCE MORE FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

-Ed. E.


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