Dog Tired, Dead Meat

When I first read on Facebook that there was a city-wide festival in China where many dogs were abducted and butchered to be served as meat dishes, I didn’t want to believe it at first. I mean, dogs are adorable pets that all people love, right? Well, okay; I know for a fact that some people here in the Philippines eat dog meat as appetizers in their drinking sessions, but I’ve always believed that there couldn’t be anything worse than that.

I realized I was wrong when I learned about the Yulin Festival.

Apparently, this festival happens every year in Yulin City, located in the Guangxi region in China. And what’s more, it says in a Time article that I read that an estimate of around 10,000 dogs are killed for the festival, because it’s believed that eating the meat brings health and good luck.

TEN THOUSAND! Even if that estimate was wrong, you would still have more than a thousand dogs being slaughtered for food! And what’s this about dog meat bringing good luck and health?? I’ve always hated how superstitions drive people to act irrationally. All of a sudden logic and compassion are replaced with desires of luck and long life.

It is absolutely horrifying, the things that I’ve read and seen this past couple days, as the world posted and retweeted posts, photos, and videos protesting against this bloody festival. The hashtag #StopYulin2015 can be seen in almost every post, a sort of battlecry to spread awareness of this inhumane act of atrocity against canines.

If only hashtags could stop murders, though. I feel that at this point, the killing of dogs for gourmet reasons will still continue in Yulin, unless the Chinese government makes a determined effort to stamp out this bloody tradition.

And not only in China, and not only with regard to dogs; the killing of domesticated animals should stop. Perhaps people will argue that they’re just animals, like any other animal that men hunt and kill for nourishment. Maybe so, but even animals have rights that need to be upheld and protected. And more than that, it is absolutely terrible how some of the dogs that are prepared for the Yulin Festival are dogs that were allegedly snatched from their owners, or picked off from the streets. It is also appalling how these dogs are kept in captivity in the most undignified way, locked in nets and cages that are way to small for the number of dogs they hold inside.

This absolutely needs to stop. And we must absolutely continue to fight this hideous act of violence against dogs and other domesticated animals. Spread the word, and alert the authorities if you happen to witness any dog being mistreated, or prepared for slaughter.

Always remember, dogs are man’s BEST FRIEND, not man’s BEST MEAL.

The answer or response
When the dog is hungry
Or needs to go pee-pee or pooh-pooh
It’s your responsibility to answer to the dog’s need!
-Francis Magalona, “Baw Waw Waw”

-Ed. E.


One thought on “Dog Tired, Dead Meat

  1. 70 billion animals are killed a year, worldwide, for consumption. 70 billion animals who all wanted to live free lives. All beings have rights, and it’s only us selfish humans who state that they do not (their rights exist–we just take them away). Anyone who cares about animals should be vegan. it’s very easy to be healthy as a vegan, as its 2015 and we have a ton of options. Only humans distinguish between “domestic” and other animals when considering who to eat, exploit, and harm. Westerners need to either stop eating all animals, and stop holding cow and pig meat festivals, or shut up about what other cultures do. I’m vegan, and I’m against harming all beings!


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