Too Many Wasted Wanderers

I came up with the term Wasted Wanderer back when I was actively posting on the nexGear forum, using the handle scarletrage (in reference to how the eyes of Hunter X Hunter character Kurapika turn scarlet at the sight of his hated foes, the Genei Ryodan). The system in place then was that the more you post, the more your level increases. Once you reach the Professional level, you get to make your very own title.

Like I mentioned in my About page, the title ‘Wasted Wanderer’ was in reference to how I let my words wander freely while I was in a special state that I called wasted. This was just me being extremely happy, or extremely melancholic.

At that time, it also described my internet activity, especially in the forums. I wasn’t always actively posting, and for me it felt like I was just passing through. Still, it’s probably a good thing that I didn’t make my title Passive Passerby. Haha.

So when I thought about starting my own blog, there was one thing that took a considerable time to complete: coming up with the blog name. I think I chose Wasted Wandering because I was describing what I was going to do in my blog. I was the Wasted Wanderer, and I’m here to do some wasted wandering. That was my logic at the time.

Through the many years that I’ve been writing my thoughts online, I’ve met others with interesting blog names (Bitter Bastard, Fearless Fantasist, etc). It was really cool seeing how their names were similar to mine– two words each starting with the same letter. I suddenly had a slight regret why I didn’t go with ‘Wanderer’ instead of ‘Wandering’.

And then I decided to create a Facebook page for my blog, and I chose it to be named The Wasted Wanderer. And when I bought a domain for my blog, I chose (it was supposed to be thewastedwanderer, but it was already taken).

Which brings us to my current dilemma.

You ever had that feeling when you think you’ve had come up with a really cool idea, something you’re proud to say you came up with on your own, and then find out that you are not actually alone? I had foolishly thought that I was the only one in this world who could come up with the idea of putting together the words ‘Wasted’ and ‘Wanderer’. I can’t recall if I did a Google search for my chosen title 10+ years ago. But if you do a search now, you will see an abundance of wasted wanderers. There’s a Wasted Wanderers page on Facebook, but I haven’t gone by to visit it.

At first I was disheartened when I saw other individuals/groups having a name similar to mine. It was as if I’ve lost a part of my unique identity. Or probably how The Little Prince felt when he found out that his beloved flower was not the only one in existence. That kind of realization can be really disconcerting.

But hey, I am not going to worry about it. I won’t be going on a mad scramble to come up with a new name, or pray that time travel becomes possible so that I can go and tell my past self to buy all related domain names, or come up with a more unique handle. No. What I’ll do is continue being me, because the name that I go by won’t be the only thing that’ll define who I really am. So what if I’m not alone on the world wide web? We’re not even alone in this vast universe.

Right? -Ed. E.


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