Dried and withered leaves on the sidewalk. A mangy, malnourished-looking street dog. A long line of vehicles at a standstill on his left. Meanwhile, here he was also stuck in traffic, the heat of the  sun offering no comfort to his already weary spirit, listening to the radio as it steadily played a long list of love songs. This was going to be yet another dismal day, he could tell.

His phone rings. A smile forms across his lips as he recognizes the face and name displayed on the screen. He lifts the phone to the side of his head to say hel–


And just like that, the dry and dreary tone of the day was replaced with the cheery colors of a thousand rainbows. Just hearing those two high-pitched syllables was enough to fill his heart with happiness, that he suddenly burst into laughter.

As if that wasn’t enough, the voice at the other end of the line repeated the greeting– louder this time, but still adorable.

-Ed. E.

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