The Baguio Connection

Not more than a month since we started our relationship, my girlfriend asked me if I wanted to join her on their trip to South Korea, scheduled the following year. To those of you who know all too well how I’m not really a fan of overseas excursions, you can easily guess what my reply to her was.

I said No.

I told her, “We’ll get there. Soon.” Which, at that time.. I really meant. I wasn’t closing the door or anything; it could still happen. Less than two years ago though, I really had to say No.

Weeks.. Months.. I forgot when it was exactly, but my girlfriend also asked me if I wanted to go on a trip far to the north. Now, it’s times like these when I can become quite.. difficult. It’s just that I had always thought that there should be an order to the flow of things; some sort of hierarchy. Not to mention I wasn’t a fan of the freezing cold weather offered by the place we’ll be going to. At that point in our lives, I believed it was still a bit too early for Baguio City. I told her, “We’ll get there. Soon.” She had already heard this from me a couple of times before, and was already doubting if this would actually come true. Still, I kept reassuring her, “We’ll get there. Soon.”

As fate would have it, we did get to travel there eventually, when I was asked to be one of the godparents  at the baptism of my dear friend’s baby boy. My girlfriend was both happy and excited when I first told her that finally, we were going to Baguio. We had a wonderful time there, and it was really, really good to be away from the stress of the Metro. By the time our vacation ended, we were a bit sad when we finally boarded the bus that would take us home. At the back of my mind, I wanted to return to the City of Pines. But this time around, instead of us attending someone else’s special event, I wanted us to celebrate a special event of our own.

We skip ahead two weeks later, as we are celebrating our first anniversary together. Back then, we thought it would be nice to do a second version of our First Date. A few items we kept, while some others we.. tweaked a bit. It was fun, getting to know each other again, reliving old stories, and finding out some new things that second time around. It made me appreciate her more; her virtues, her faults, all the things that made her endearing to me.

As I had told her more than a year ago, I’ve never had cause to believe that my life would be the way that it was now. Before she came into my life, I was riding non-stop on a carousel reserved for the wasted and jaded. My life had been a melancholic downpour of mundane monotony, but all that changed when she came into my life.  I have never been this happy, and amidst our busy schedules, or our near impossible workloads, every day that I got to spend with her made me more happy, more complete.  As the days passed, I wanted more and more to spend the rest of my life with her. And by the last month of 2013, I had made my decision: I was going to ask her hand in marriage. From that moment on, a plan started shaping in my mind. A plan, that would eventually be known as “The Burnout Convention”.


But that, is another story.

Later in a room; picture of a girl
It doesn’t do her justice, what it does is make you realize
You ought to be with her
I’m talking ’bout right now
Yeah, I mean this instant

When the hip’ll meet the hand
I hope your folks’ll understand

-Rhett Miller, “Hover”

-Ed. E.


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