Crossroad Puzzle

At various points in my life, I have always found myself at a crossroad. That time when I stayed at the library to find out if I had a shot with this girl that I liked. Or that time when I thought of whether I should just go home, or whether I should run off to the airport to send off that girl I wanted to date. Or that time when I had to decide between staying at the office watching the final season premiere of Heroes, or mounting a rescue attempt of sorts to see this girl I really felt close to.

Or maybe you’ve heard me talk about that time when I was about to sign a contract, when I got a call from another company I’ve been working hard to apply to, and they were offering me a job. There’s been a lot of those moments in my life, when I would stop for a few minutes to reflect on what I should do. Times when it seemed that my life was on pause, and I was watching an instant replay to help me gauge what I needed to do. Those not so rare occasions where I would have quick debates with myself, arguing what I wanted to do.

You’ve always known me as a person who was slow to action; a cautious,  methodical individual. Even the seemingly impromptu decisions I’ve made were the result of countless rethinking of countless scenarios. You’ve heard me talk about the future, of how unknown it can be; such is the mystery and the beauty of it. It is The Lure of the Unknown that draws us towards it. I have no idea what it is, but I want to find out. Sometimes, we choose to stay on the same path; what I fondly call The Comfort of the Familiar. And there’s nothing wrong with that choice, at all. You’ve probably heard people talking about comfort zones like they were the absolute worst thing. Well, I’m telling you now: they’re not. It’s only because you’ve constantly closed yourself to the multitude of possibilities at your feet, that you soon feel like you’ve been bound to one path and one path alone. You’ve chained yourself to a prison of your own, all the while calling it your comfort zone.

And then there’s The Promise of the Ideal. That one future we all want to see. That hope you have for a better tomorrow, that everything will be okay. People will tell you that you’re living a fantasy; they’ll advice you to be practical, to choose the sure and secure path. Don’t get them wrong; they mean well. But sometimes, sometimes you will always find yourself at that three-point crossroad.

And when you do, you will have to make a decision. Right or wrong, it will be your own. And when you finally decide, it will be because everything that happens from here on out, will be in service of that one goal; that bright and glorious future.

-Ed. E.


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