The Adventures Of Sunshine Boy and Rainbow Girl – I

Chapter 1: Can We Just Stop And Talk Awhile

Simple, yet meaningful. This was to be a recurring theme in the lives of Sunshine Boy and Rainbow Girl. Even now, none of them would have thought that a simple encounter would be the starting point to this amazing tale.

When they first met, they knew nothing about each other, only the fact that they were meeting for strictly business reasons. There were no bells, no doves, no sentimental music playing in the background. He gave her the shirts she ordered, she gave him her payment, and that was it. Their roads branched out, and they each lived their own adventures.

Two years would pass before their roads intertwined again. It was another simple conversation, one that revolved around rats, floods, and the disease that comes when those two mix. It was not the best of subject matters, but there seemed to be no complaints from each end. After all, this was just idle chit-chat, a casual conversation between casual acquaintances. He wanted the conversation to last longer, but that didn’t happen. He was okay with it, though. There was no lingering sadness after that long awkward pause in a conversation.

And then came the second of November, a night that he’ll forever remember. Because just like their past encounters, this one also started with the utmost simplicity, with no bells, no doves, and no sentimental music playing in the background.

“That’s a nice movie, Corpse Bride,” said He.

“Why yes indeed!” said She. “Those with unrequited love can relate to it”

“Ouch. Nyahaha,” was all that he could say in reply.

It started out simple enough, and yet it was amazing how natural the conversation seemed to flow. At one point they were talking about movies, and then suddenly they were talking about happiness, and acceptance, and about moving on. They talked about work, their mutual friends, and sometimes they would ask each other questions. They simply couldn’t stop talking! Hours passed, and the night had started its retreat in preparation for the dawn of a new day. At that point, there was only one thing that occupied  his mind: I have to see her again.

And so he asked her, the second time they met online. Before he did though, he threw around subtle hints.

“There’s this girl that I talked to the other night,” said the boy. “We had the most amazing time, just talking, about anything.”

“Really?” asked the girl. “I heard that person was boring when it comes to conversations. Hehehe.

“Haha nope,” he countered, “I almost didn’t want to go to sleep that time!”

Whaatt?” she asked in disbelief, “That’s unbelievable”

“Yup,” he answered back. “One day, I hope to meet her in person.”

After that, their conversation took a criminal turn, and they were suddenly talking about robbing banks. There was no limit to the topics they discussed, the stories they told each other.

By now there was a question that he knew he should be asking, before everything else. As subtle as he could make it, he asked her if she was already in a relationship. From the smile that marked itself on his face, it was apparent that he was pleased with her reply.

Now that they’ve cleared the question about her civil status, there was one more question he needed to ask. He wasn’t able to ask it immediately, however. Truth be told, it felt awkward, having to ask her this via online chat.

“Would you like to go out with me?”

There. He finally got the words out. He was surprised however, when he got her reply.


“Err that reaction was unexpected.”

“That question too is unexpected..”

Haha. He could only laugh now whenever he’d recall those times when he first asked her out on a date. She said no back then, and he had to wait patiently for the next window of opportunity. It’s been a month now, since she said ‘Yes’. He bows down his head to say a prayer of thanks. Thank you Lord, for bringing the two of us together; for making our paths cross once more. He looks at her picture, and smiles. She was the Rainbow in his life, coming at the end of a dreary storm, with the promise of a wonderful tomorrow. And according to her, he was the Sunshine in her life; the sunlight that comes after a long dark night. He closes his eyes, and smiles once more. Thank you Lord, for bringing us closer. Please be with us, and guide us on this journey that we’ll be taking.

The Sandman soon appears, and all is at peace with the world.

Early yet to say what lies ahead
It’s the first day of the rest of our lives
Can we just stop and talk awhile
Get to know each other
Who are we to know?
Love could be waiting at the end
‘Round that bend and so
Let’s stop and talk awhile

-Jose Mari Chan, “Can We Just Stop And Talk Awhile”

-Ed. E.


11 thoughts on “The Adventures Of Sunshine Boy and Rainbow Girl – I

  1. BTW I just remembered (when I saw the title), I also have this kind of blog post having 7 chapters but I was not able to finish it because we broke up hahaha! pero sayo, ibang kaso naman siguro hehe :) (just ignore what I said)..sana nga Ed. :)


  2. hahaha pero I’m still planning to finish it..well not all stories have a happy ending right? aba’y sayang naman yung effort ko kung di ko tatapusin 7 chapters narin yun hahah…pagginana nako tatapusin ko rin hehe

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