A Joyful Tribute

He couldn’t help but laugh at his earlier predicament. There was no sense in trying to hide it; he simply didn’t know what he’d do if it wasn’t for her.


Learning new things had always fascinated him; especially if the information helped him with his  day-to-day activities. The things that he didn’t know would not always remain unknown. There was always a thirst in him for knowledge that could never be quenched. Admittedly, it was not always easy for him to learn something new.  Some would probably say he was a slow learner, or worse, mentally deficient. He’d yet to hear that last one, though. But he’d probably be overly annoyed if he did.

But enough about him; he’s not the lead character in this fanciful tale. This story, like every other ordinary story, was about an extraordinary girl, who was simply the best at what she did. Her vast knowledge of arcane data was not something to be trifled with.  Her contribution to their group has also been nothing less but invaluable. He found himself scribbling notes to better understand the magic she was weaving. He had certainly learned a lot since he started writing those notes, but probably not as much as her. He still kept his papers with him, though; the data that he had acquired had time and again saved him from scratching his head in utter bewilderment.

And yet there will always come a time when he’ll face a blank wall. A time when he had all but squeezed his brain in search for solutions, only to come up empty. A time when he knows that there was only one person he could turn to for answers. And just like that, she would come and save the day. As always, he could never stop saying “thank you” after, all the while thinking of a way he could show her his gratitude.

Hah. This seemed to be more nerve-wracking than his earlier problem.

-Ed. E.

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