Visions Of Impossibility

Dreams. There was a time, long ago, when I gave importance to these… visions, born out of slumber. There was a book that I used to read as a kid, and it offered some answers as to what your dreams meant. I’ve always found it amusing, that for every possible object, there was a supposed meaning. You dreamt of cars? There’s an explanation for that. You dreamt you were flying? Read on to know what that means. When we moved to a different residence, the book seemed to have gotten lost. And, as I got older, I lost interest in trying to find explanations for the dreams that I had.

Still, there are times when I would wake up and find myself lost in a haze, wondering what it all means.

The mind’s eye sees things so vividly, that I cannot help but think of it as real. Or do I want it to be real? Are these dreams visions of a far-off future? Or a peek at an alternate dimension? Or are they the subconscious longing of a repressed heart? Like I said, I’ve lost interest in knowing what my dreams mean. It just so happens that my interest has been replaced by unfounded conspiracy theories.

She was once again in my dreams, and just like the first time, I couldn’t figure out what she was doing there. Nor could I figure out why she was this close to me. As far as I knew, the most that we had was a friendship that bordered on mere acquaintance. Having considered this, the dream seemed unreal to me. I can’t deny though, that as I woke up that morning, I was in a happy mood. I’ve forgotten the other possibly important details of the dream; all that I could remember was her head resting on my shoulders, and me thinking how lucky I was to be with her, if only for a few moments.

Regrettably, every dream must come to an end. I wake up into a new reality knowing full well that what just happened may probably never come to pass. Now that I was fully conscious, I wonder: Is there really some meaning to all of this? As far as I was concerned, dreams are merely a flock of random thoughts, made to soar and fly free at the onset of sleep. They hold no particular meaning, and however vivid they may appear to be, they’re not real. And just like the dream that I had that night, they probably never will be.


As to why this thought makes me morose, I have no straightforward answer.


Cause even when I dream of you
The sweetest dream will never do
-Aerosmith, “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing”

-Ed. E.


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