A State Of Felicity

A lot of things had changed, that much he knew.

He found it funny though, because he had already come to the point where nothing surprised him, much less disappointed him. Every event had become this monotonous exercise that at some point, he knew the ending to. Each day came to him like a guessing game, with almost always predictable outcomes. Sometimes it would even get to the point where he would get frustrated for figuring out what happens next. But he was not one to complain; with a steady sigh of resignation, he had learned to accept this reality as one that he must face everyday.

Something strange happened however, which for someone like him who was prone to overthinking, was truly a baffling occurrence. Perhaps it was the difference in environment, or the absence of familiar faces.. he simply didn’t know how to put it. Tradition? Conspiracy? A well orchestrated play? He knew that no matter how long he tried to crack the puzzle, it simply wouldn’t yield. He’ll most likely end up going home, lost in a replay of the previous events.

He couldn’t understand though why he couldn’t stop smiling. He was bent on blaming it on his lack of sleep, but even he knew that this was another flimsy excuse. One thing was at least clear to him: some part of him could not help but leap for joy.

-Ed. E.

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