Lost & Found

Whenever I can’t find something, whether it’s my keys, my mobile phone, or a guitar pick, I simply can’t help but feel frantic. My mind goes on autopilot, trying to think back on the day’s events. Where did I last see it, or what was I doing before it vanished. Like a raving lunatic, I check every possible hiding place. Whether it’s my old school bags, or the inside of the sofa, I leave no stone unturned. And in the midst of all that anxious searching, the same train of thought goes through my head over and over:



The reason usually that I become so distressed whenever I lose something is that I feel like a part of me is missing as well. Especially if what’s missing was a gift from a dear friend. It’s as if I’ve let them down. Add to that my bewilderment at not knowing how it got misplaced in the first place. I placed it here in the same spot that I did before, so why is it not there anymore?

In the course of looking for it, I come across some other missing items from long ago. Test papers. Review materials. A few more ornaments from a bygone era, each item with its own story to tell. But I wasn’t looking for these; at least not now. I end up checking them out anyway, if only to look back to a time when these items mattered.

After having completed searching at every possible location, I had to grudgingly put the search on hold. I was not about to give up, no. The item in question meant something more to me than just a simple trinket. I had to find it. But where?

With a resigned sigh, I open up the backpack to take out the dart board I had placed there. I figured playing a round of darts would clear my head, and help me remember. As I pull the circular board out of the bag, something falls to the ground. I look down to see what it is.


It’s a bracelet.

Not just any ordinary bracelet though. It was the item that I was searching for.


As I held it in my hands, the very thing that I was looking for since yesterday, I couldn’t help but smile. Why is it that when you desperately search for something, you can’t find it? But when you’re no longer in a hurry to find it, or when you decide to stop the quest, then BOOM! ..there it is.

I probably won’t be able to answer this question, at all. Seems to me like another trick up the Cosmic Joker’s sleeve. I grin at the memory of a quote I came up with when I was in college: “The moment you stop searching is the moment you start finding.”


But that, is a different story.

-Ed. E.


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