The Way She Smiles

He would never have imagined that things would end up like this. The beginning was undeniably beautiful, and there were times when he would actually wonder how it happened, how he had ended up in those moments that, for lack of a better word, have been some kind of wonderful.

He had long resigned himself to the fact that nothing lasts forever, and that whatever joyful event he experienced, was merely momentary. He was fine with it, for in a world that was constantly trying to drive him insane, he enjoyed those brief moments shared with Lady Luck.

He can only think of those days now, and sigh, for he knows that those memories will probably remain just as such. He’d forgotten at what point things turned sour, but it looks like he was once again at fault. Judging by his character, he probably wouldn’t realize he’d done something wrong. The only thing that bothered him though was that he had offended someone he never meant to offend.

Now he treads softly upon pieces of a broken bond, and though he has more questions than answers, he silently resolves to just let it be. His problem was that he was slowly becoming void of emotion, and where he should have made an effort to clear things up, he simply shrugged and stared blankly into space. Perhaps the years have made him numb.

Still, in the peaceful silence brought about by the night, he looks back at those cherished memories, and a smile forms upon his chapped lips. Things may not be as they were before, but she will always be as important to him as the day they first met. And though she may find it unbearably annoying, he probably won’t stop caring for her, even if from afar.

Well it’s the way she smiles that I remember
And the way she lifted up my dreary day
I’ve forgotten when or where
And the color of her hair
But it’s the way she smiles, that I remember

-The Rembrandts, “The Way She Smiles”

-Ed. E.


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