Ghost Story

It was a dark and silent night, and save for a few other people, there was no one else in the hall. Especially not near his vicinity, for all his associates had already left earlier. As far as he was concerned, he was all alone.

Then what was that creaking noise?

The ceiling lights were turned off at his area, but his computer monitor more than illuminated his immediate surroundings. He looked to his left to see the source of the sound he had just heard. Nothing there. Was it the water dispenser? It was possible, but yet he couldn’t shake the disturbing feeling that there was something… unearthly about that sound. As he stared towards its direction, the realization that everything was suddenly dead silent made him uncomfortable. Was he just imagining things? Taking a deep breath, he turned back to his monitor to continue what he was doing–

Creak. Creak.

There it was again! His head turned left once more and he looked at the water dispenser for the second time. Nothing. No sound, not even a tiny bit.

By this time, he was half-expecting to see a wide-eyed child staring blankly at him, as it played with the water dispenser’s cover. He was grateful that there was none. He was not that attuned to the paranormal world, unlike some of his friends who had the gift of having a third eye. But still, there was something eerie with the situation he was in at the moment. Something that felt out-of-place.

He looked straight at the water dispenser, trying to find the source of that sound. He could find none. He once again turned to his monitor, when he suddenly heard it again.

This happened for about four more times, and then he decided not to take his eyes off it the next time he heard the creaking noise. There, finally. He was still looking at the water dispenser, but he could clearly hear that ominous noise.

He decided that he wouldn’t mind it anymore. Ghost or no ghost, he had enough of it already. True enough, he could still hear the faint creaking every now and then, but life went on for him now.

After that bizarre episode had passed, he suddenly found himself chuckling at a sudden obscure thought: You don’t have to be a ghost just to be invisible.

He knew the feeling all too well.

-Ed. E.

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