Another Sun Soaked Ordeal

There was nothing to see for miles away.

At the start of my journey, I was brimming with excitement at the chance to see a whole new environment. It was not everyday that you get to walk across majestic sands, bathed in the warm embrace of golden sunshine. It was, I believed, an opportunity that I could not bear to pass up.

“This will be a brand-new experience,” I said to myself. “Things are going to be different this time.”

Or so I thought.

It was Day 437, and once again I find myself plagued by vultures.

I was careless. I lowered my guard for a moment, and believed that everything was okay. That everything was going to be.. uneventful. Then again, with my luck, the odds would always turn out to be stacked against me.

During the first part of my travel, everything was like one joyful chorus. The weather was not too hot, the wind was not too harsh. The sun was up, bathing me in warm rays of sunshine. It was not a verdant forest, but I was enjoying my journey so far.

And then came the vultures.

Their presence is something you don’t immediately detect. Regretfully, I was lost in my moment of happiness to realize that they were slowly on to me. What I thought was refreshing shade was actually their shadows cast on the sand, as they circled around me. What I thought was a cool breeze was actually the flap of their wings, as they hurled towards me like I was a rotting piece of meat.

And their voices, that was the worst part of it all! Always the same loud, irritating noises that I’ve come to abhor. It was as if they were mocking me, and trying to see just how much taunting I could take.

I close my eyes. By now, the sand was the only thing that I could see. I suddenly found myself lost in a torrent of dust. There’s no longer any point in trying to see. I’ve seen this scenario already. I’ve been here more times than I would like to bear. I’ve become tired and weary from all the baseless chatter. There were some points in my journey where I could still faintly hear a sweet music playing from afar. I try grasping for it, as if trying to reach an oasis. But each time, as soon as I was getting closer to it, the bright and cheery music would be slowly drowned by the dull and dreary cackle of vultures.

I would have loved to live a life free from the incessant cries that hound me everyday.

Alas, even a moment of silence was too much to ask for.

-Ed. E.


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