An All Too Familiar Ending

The night was a showcase of glittering lights. It was almost the end of another long month, and the end of another exhausting week. Most of them wanted to go home. Some had already left earlier.

For some reason, he wanted to stay.

It wasn’t like he wanted to stay rooted where he was standing, no. There was a far more complicated reason why he didn’t want to let the night end as such. Admittedly, the only reason why things were complicated was because of his own doing. So much that he wanted to say, and yet so much that he held back.

A silent moment of hesitation. A few minutes of contemplation. A sudden surge of realization. The awful feeling of devastation.

He found himself turning around, and walking the opposite way. But, as he had already expected, it was already too late. The moment had once again slipped through his fingers; this was an ending that he had seen a hundred times already.


I’m open, you’re closed
Where I follow, you’ll go
I worry I won’t see your face
Light up again

-Howie Day, “Collide”


-Ed. E.

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