Memory Loss

We live in a world where a man’s status in life is determined by the material things that surround him. It is a bleak and hollow world wherein we endlessly crave for more; the latest, the most fashionable, the most expensive. We’ve lost count of the simple things in life that truly matter, and for those who still do, they’re the ones who end up being branded as fools.

I was probably in High School back then, when I wrote in my essay that the treasure that I cherished the most would be the memories that I’ve gathered over the years. Looking back, my whole life must have been one sentimental value after another;  a smooth stone tells a story of a mall trip with friends, unclaimed arcade tickets tell the story of how I have yet to win in our shooting contest. A guitar string would remind me of my youth, how I’d be walking across the park singing, guitar in hand like a troubadour in an idyllic town.

And perhaps like any other person who wanted to have a piece of that moment to keep as a souvenir, I took pictures. I wrote songs. I drew comics, wrote short stories. To someone like me who had nothing much of material value to claim as my own, these were treasures that I cherished. Where someone else sees a photograph, I see a story unfold before me.

An ad for a data storage device speaks of memories supposedly being forever, and it is for that reason that I purchased such a device, designed to hold the bulk of memories which my 40GB primary hard disk could no longer contain. They were a mix of photographs, videos, music, movies, projects and a myriad of archives that mirror the life that I was living at the time they were created. In a way, I had a part of my life contained in that box. It was good to have such a device keep all the things that I wanted to remember. True, nothing comes close to how the mind and heart retain something as precious as a memory. But still, it was good to know that I’d be able to view something concrete while taking a trip down memory lane.

But then it happened. Amusingly though, I don’t know what happened exactly. It was working fine the first time, but on the second time, the device suddently would not power up, and I simply couldn’t comprehend just what happened. Hopefully, a new power supply (what is it with me and power supplies, anyway?) will get the device back up and running. I do hope it does, for if it doesn’t, then it would almost feel as if my mind had been wiped with a dirty rag. I would still have those memories, but they would be nothing more than hazy images, mixtures of words and music, random incoherent phrases.


Maybe I’m just a sentimental fool
Bringing back memories from a photograph of you

-Ariel Rivera, Photograph

(February 17, 2010: I was able to purchase a universal power adaptor from a hardware store last night, and as of today, things are back to good working condition. Kudos to the Handyman hardware store for their cheap prices, and for their helpful staff.)

-Ed. E.


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