Party’s Over

Today, in the midst of all the fanfare and commotion brought about by the season, we remember an important person. Not because of his status in life, or how much money he had in the bank. We remember him, because of the difference he made in our lives.  He was Raemond Dieter Racho Arizala, a son, a brother, a friend.

They say he made some wrong decisions in life, and that it was these decisions that led him to his death.  Perhaps there was some truth to it. True, to all those who knew him well he was a great person, but great as he may be, RD was no saint. There are those who may affirm how much RD had hurt them, how he may have led them to believe in forever, and how just as subtle, paved the ground with his own deceit. I for one may never know the true story behind all this, for what I know are mere whispers of what actually transpired.

There is an old song by England Dan & John Ford Coley, which perhaps in a way sheds light on the life that RD led a couple of years before he passed. True, he had nothing but appreciation and respect for the love that his girlfriend gave to him, but just like how that song kept repeating the same line over and over again by the end, he felt sad belonging to someone else. Especially when he knew in his heart that the right one had come along.

Whether he was right or wrong for following his heart, I wouldn’t know. Each of us probably has his or her own story to tell, about that guy who would sit at the back of the classroom, always holding a handkerchief over his mouth. Or how he had messed up in college for a while, which ended in him being infamous in the university for the length of time that he had overstayed there. Or, how he would end up asking help from us with his computer, ’cause he had gotten it infected again, after browsing those sleazy, malicious web sites. These are just a few of the stories that we admired, or despised about RD. Perhaps what is more important is how much we value the time we spent with him. And, more important still, how much we will miss that man with the Janno Gibbs smile.


Note: I wrote this upon RD’s request, who was still very much alive at the time of writing. When he reads this, he’ll probably react strongly to two things: the  “majestic” title of this piece, and the equally “majestic” ending.

-Ed. E.


4 thoughts on “Party’s Over

  1. Very Well written… Some how may alam din ako sa nangyari… But reading it seemed to take a beating on me… I somehow feel im on the opposite side of this story…

    Langya ka muntik na kong maiyak dito… I guess there is a truth in what you say… “RD just followed his heart”…
    Thank you, somehow this gave me a little bit of light today after being over shadowed by hate and anger…

    Liked by 1 person

    • hala. di ko inexpect ung reaction mo tol. nung sinulat ko to, pira-piraso lang ung alam ko sa buong kuwento. pero sabi ni rd swak daw eh. astig, natuwa naman ako na kahit di ko sinadya, me mabuting dinulot sau ung sinulat ko.


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