Give Love On Christmas Day

I was supposed to buy an exchange gift for an officemate who I had no idea who he or she was. I’m guessing our department thought that the whole mystery recipient thing was cool or something. I, on the other hand, was annoyed at the whole idea. Especially the part where we get to put on a spreadsheet file our “wish list”, whatever we want to receive from our mysterious gift-giver. I mean, if you know what you want, and you know how much we’re all supposed to spend on the gift, then why don’t you buy it yourself? It all sounded pointless to me. Call me weird, but for me, the best thing about receiving a gift is not knowing what it is.

So there I was at the mall, looking for something worth P500 to fill in the box that my mother bought me earlier from the market. Well, I might as well scratch out the NBA cap the random person I picked listed on the Wish List, because there was no way I was going to find one in all the shops I’ve been to so far. I decided then to transfer to another mall; I might have better luck finding one there.

Or so I thought. The nearest to an NBA merchandise there were socks; good luck wearing those on your head. I decided to go up to the second floor, and I found myself at the Toys department. I then came across a curious toy: it was a Rubik’s cube, but this one was.. electronic. Whoa. Lights. Sounds. Multiplayer Mode. It got me interested enough to pick the gadget up. I checked the size. It fit the box I had with me! I checked the price. Exactly P500!

I bought the toy right there and then.

It has been one year after that incident,  I wonder how that person reacted upon opening the gift that he received. Was he amused for receiving such a cool toy? Or was he probably annoyed, for receiving something absolutely unrelated to what he had posted on the Wish List? I never made an attempt to ask about it because in the office, the only times that we’ve bumped to each other would be in the men’s room . I’m sure any guy would be weirded out if he’s in the restroom going about his business, and some guy comes up to his adjacent side and asks him: “So, did you like the gift I gave you?” No way I’ll do that scenario.

For me, the best gift is not measured by how much it costs, but by how much heart comes with it. And no, I’m not being stingy or anything. :)

People making lists, buying special gifts,
Taking time to be kind to one and all.
It’s that time of year when good friends are near,
And you wish you could give more than just presents from a store.

-Ed. E.


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