Definitely A Pretty Sight

A few weeks have passed, and the memory of that day still remains with me.


I set out once more on a journey, back to where it all came to pass. This time, there no longer was any difficulty getting there. The flood had subsided, and there were no more rushing waves to struggle against with.

I needed to go back there, because I wanted to see just how the whole place changed with that one passing storm. I wanted to see how different the whole place would be like, if dry. I have been there quite a few times before, but the perspective between now and that time a few weeks back was so distinct, that I couldn’t help but marvel at how different things are today.

I also needed to go back, because I didn’t want to forget. There will always be another storm, and there will always be another opportunity to be reckless and plunge forward through floods. But then, events like this that change your life, that make you appreciate life, and make you glad that the ones near to you are alive, those events rarely come to us. And sometimes, when they do come, we tend to ignore them. And sometimes, we tend to easily forget.

I ended up retracing the path that I took that Sunday morning, and along the way I could see just how different everything around me looked like, as compared to around three weeks ago. Now, the roads were busy with traffic, and the noise from the vehicles drowned out the steps that I made. Dust was everywhere, as if trying to make up for the times that it could do nothing but get mixed in with the already murky water.


If there’s anything I’ve learned from this… adventure, it’s that nothing is impossible, especially when the safety of the ones dearest to you is involved. And that no matter how dark the horizon may seem to be, at the end of the storm, it will be clear skies once more.

It’s definitely a pretty sight.


I think I can make it now, the pain is gone
All of the bad feelings have disappeared
Here is the rainbow I’ve been prayin” for
It’s gonna be a bright, bright sun-shiny day.

-Ed. E.


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