Shy There

A friend of mine was having this dilemma of whether he should stay in his place of work, or move on to another career path. He had his share of reasons to stay and leave, with the leave option having the most shares. What was interesting, was the one reason that would make him stay: the girl that he’d like to see more of.

I am not going to expound more on the wisdom of weighing the pros and cons of the decision he’ll make. What I found interesting is the conversation that we had with him, with regard to our general recommendation that he should go talk to that girl, get her contact details, essentially to get to know her better. He responded that there was one BIG problem: he was shy. To which, another friend of ours responded: He was that way also, but he took the CHANCE.

In life, one way or another, we’ll experience our own versions of shyness. Whether it be raising your hand in class because you’re not that sure of your answer, or speaking up your opinion in a meeting, or saying “Hi” to someone you really like. Just like how my friend had more reasons to go, and fewer reasons to stay, our shyness tends to increase our reasons to stay away from what we’d really like to do. In the end, we end up as mere dreamers; pining for something which already passed us by, because we let it.

It is not everyday that we get a chance to do something, to be something other than just a mere dreamer. The chance to see that dream see reality doesn’t always appear that often. Yes, there are risks; there will always be risks. Yet the more you think of the risks, the more it increases your shyness. I’m not going to do this, because this will probably happen, or I’m not gonna go through with this, because it’s gonna end up bad anyway. Those kinds of thoughts only tend to hamper one’s progress; you end up basing your decisions on negative assumptions.

At the end of it all, what is more important is not that you actually achieved  something out of your decisions in life, but that you made the decision itself. The finish line at the end of your long journey isn’t as important as the first step that you take to get you on your way. And although the whole journey may seem like one time-space warp, wherein mirages of doubt and despair plague you, you’ll realize that taking that one step forward is worth all the trouble.

-Ed. E.


2 thoughts on “Shy There

  1. yung tinutukoy ba ni Pongster wherein he took a chance ay yung taga Archi? hehe

    Kelangan na talaga mag grid meet para mas maayos ang usapan. Baka dapat uminom muna si bangles para mawala yung shyness hehe.

    “That’s the whole point of being drunk. You’d do things you’ll never do in a million years if you were sober”
    – Barney Stinson


  2. “take into account that great love and great achievements involve great risk.”

    But you know, just because you’re a shy person it doesn’t mean that you have something to be ashamed of. Have some sort of confidence. But may I remind you that there’s a thin line between confidence and arrogance. So be careful not to be over rated.

    A way to get around shyness towards a girl you like is to hang out with her as “friends”. Before you knew it, you’re being comfy with your special girl.

    You know, I have this friend kasi.. (Haha)

    sorry for this long comment! :) Good day!


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