A Picture Perfect Reunion

It might be just one of those few things that define how weird I am; or eccentric, to put it mildly. But there will always be a certain appeal to me when it comes to reunions that I cannot simply put away. It’s a  most wonderful feeling, meeting someone again after a very long time. And not just someone. It’s someone you feel very close to, a friend that you truly cherish.

The reunion may not always go as you’ve pictured it in your mind, but there’s already an expression that suits that scenario perfectly: That’s life. It may not always go as you had planned it to be. You may not be dining out, or spending really long talks while sipping your favorite bevarages, but none of that matters that much when you look at the picture, and not the frame. What’s most important, is not the plan you had for that day which was the reason you agreed to meet in the first place, but the actual meeting in itself. Well, at least that’s how I felt the entire time. It’s not everyday that something so wonderful happens, and just like it says in an old song by Peaches and Herb, “It feels so good“. My apologies if I cannot help but smile.


And smile some more. :)

-Ed. E.


One thought on “A Picture Perfect Reunion

  1. Sarap talagang magkita-kita uli, pagbabalik ng mga lumang alaala ng nakaraan. Kahit sa maigsing panahon na nagkasama at halos walang napag-usapan. Sapat na kayo ay aking nasilayang muli.

    Grabe ang drama. Hehehe. Galing ng entry mo pare. Keep it up.


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