In the Morning

Here comes the sun.. and I say, “It’s alright”
-Beatles, “Here Comes The Sun”


For today, there is no sorrow; no empty feeling brought about by endless longing. No cold wind to chill my very being. No more of that perpetual pining, for a promise that seems to have lost its meaning. No, there will be none of those today. For today marks another milestone in this very long, very tiring, albeit interesting journey. And just like it says on the greeting card, today should be happy.


To quote another song by the Beatles, the road of my life has been “long and winding“. The places I’ve been to, the things that I’ve seen, the people that have come and gone into my life; I have come to accept that all these were part of His plan, some grand scheme laid out for me, to grow as a person. I am readily thankful for all the wonderful blessings that has happened to me, and yet coming to terms with the tragedies of my life surprisingly come at a very sluggish rate. I guess when faced with heartache, it’s hard to make sense of it all.

Lest I ruin the mood of this day by dwelling too much on one particularly dark side of the coin of life, I now stop.

For today.

A peaceful birthday greeting to you, who just so happens to be me.
-Ed. E.

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